Manually Updating Global Address List in Microsoft Outlook

The Global Address List (GAL) contains the names and e-mail addresses of everyone that has a UAH account. The GAL can be accessed from Outlook and can also be viewed from the Outlook Web App.

The GAL should update automatically however, you may want to manually synchronize your computer’s locally cached version of the GAL if you believe you are seeing any incorrect or outdated information.

  1. Click on the Send/Receive tab
  2. Click on Send/Receive Groups
  3. Click Download Address Book. A window will pop up with information regarding the Offline Address Book. Be sure to uncheck the Download Changes since the last Send/Receive option.
  4. Select the \Offline Global Address List option from the drop-down menu and click on the OK button.
  5. When the download of the address book is completed, restart your Outlook client. After restarting Outlook, the Global Address List should be populated with the most recent information.


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