Create an Event with Google Calendar - Basic

If you’re new to using Google Calendar, here are the main steps to creating an event on your UAH calendar.

1. Create an event
Start at Login and click Create on the upper left hand of the page. Choose Event and enter your event title, choose the date/time, add a location. If the event title isn’t adequately clear, add a brief justification for the event in the description field.

2. Add guests
If this event is for more than you alone, add guests! Click Find a Time and choose a time when all participants are available (if you can see their free/busy information). You can also invite guests who don’t use the Google Calendar scheduling app by manually typing in their email addresses. Consider clicking Add Notification and choosing email or notification alerts to improve your event’s punctual attendance.

3. Clarify time & location
If you’re meeting in person, add the building and room number in the location field. Consider travel times for your guests when setting the time. If you’ll meet virtually, include a link to your Zoom meeting with the details for that meeting. If you prefer to use Google Meet, you can simply click Add Google Meet video conferencing button when scheduling the meeting.

4. Be respectful of time
Prepare a meeting agenda in Google Drive and add the link to it in the description of the event. Adding a meeting description and relevant materials gives your guests a good idea of your agenda. It also allows them to prepare and read any material you sent before the event. Extra points if you use Google Drive because you can update the agenda rather than it being a static document.

5. Review the details and save your event
Double-check your event details to avoid later/confusing corrections.

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