Create an Event with Google Calendar - Advanced

If you’re new to using Google Calendar, see Create an Event with Google Calendar first. Using Google Calendar can help you collaborate with others and stay organized.

When creating an event, you can take advantage of these additional options:

  • When setting the location for your event, enter the address so Google Maps can provide driving directions
  • All day events (or events that last more than a single day) or set the time for the event to start and end
  • If your event occurs every day, week, month, quarter, etc, you can create a single event and set it to be a recurring event
  • Guest permissions
    • You can let your guests edit event details, such as adding rooms, adjusting the time, or adding attachments
    • When you check “Guests can modify event,” they can edit all fields, view the guest list, book rooms, and manage the event as you can
  • Feel free to invite Optional guests; see this article for more information
  • Free vs. Busy
    • Set the visibility of your event to Free if you are open to scheduling a different event at that time 
  • Public vs. Private
    • If an event is marked private, its details can't be seen by others unless they have at least Make changes to events permission for this calendar
    • Read this article for more information about changing the visibility of an event
  • Color options
    • When viewing your list of My calendars, you can click the three vertical dots just to the right of the calendar name; from the pop-up menu, you’ll see other colors from which you can choose to change the default color for all events on that calendar
    • When editing a specific calendar event, the display color for the event is visible by the calendar name; you can click the down arrow and choose a new color from the list
  • When creating an event, you can choose for the event to be on your own calendar, on one you've created, or on one you have the Make changes to events permission
  • Consider the time zone of each guest you invite to an event


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