Analog Phone Line

This service is available to any UAH affiliate. There is a one-time cost associated with this service.

The UAH phone system can provide a traditional analog telephone line, if necessary. Some devices, such as faxes and modems, may require this functionality.

Ordering Instructions

The cost associated with an analog line, excluding the required network drop, is $212.50.

All analog phone lines require a network drop in order to function. The drop cannot be shared with another device while the line is in service. If no drops are available, additional costs will be incurred to install the drop before the phone line will be able to function. (Please see here for more information about network drops at UAH.)

To begin the ordering process, please provide a description of the use case for this analog phone line, as well as the desired location.

Basic Usage

Typical analog phone line usage is summarized by a few simple instructions.

  • To call within UAH, simply dial a four-digit extension.
  • To call a number within the Huntsville area, dial 9, then the ten-digit number beginning with 256.
  • To call any other number in the United States, dial 91, then the ten-digit number beginning with the area code.

Additional Features

OIT does not currently offer any additional features, such as voicemail, with analog lines. However, if a special configuration is required, please submit a service request.


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