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This service is available to any UAH affiliate.

UAH offers functionality allowing the sending and receiving of faxes using standard emails. This service is recommended for non-confidential information only. Faxes are sent by composing an email using a UAH account. Incoming faxes are received into a department email account that has an assigned UAH phone number. A traditional physical fax machine is still recommended for sending confidential and sensitive information such as credit card data or social security numbers.

Sending a Fax

Simply compose an email using your UAH account specifying the recipient’s number followed by “@fax.uah.edu” in the "To:" field. You must include the 9 or 91 in the same manner you would make an external call on your UAH phone. Do not include spaces or dashes in the phone number. You can use the 4-digit extension for internal UAH faxes.


  • To: 92568247299@fax.uah.edu
  • To: 3333@fax.uah.edu

Cover Pages and Attachments

Use the body of the email for specific cover page information. You can send as many attachments with the fax as you like. The first page of the sent fax will be a generic cover page provided by the fax server.

Receiving a Fax

To receive a fax, submit a request that a fax number be associated with your departmental email address. If you do not have a departmental email address, you must request that one be allocated first. Faxes will be received as an attachment in this department email. You can use an existing fax number if you would like to transfer from a retired fax machine. You may also choose to forward this departmental email to individuals within your department, if needed.

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