How to Activate Duo Mobile


Duo Mobile is the fastest and easiest way to authenticate with Duo Security. After entering your username and password, Duo will send an authentication request directly to your mobile device. Review the details of the authentication request, tap Approve, and you’re in.

Don't have internet access? Duo Mobile can still generate a code to allow you to log in.

Tip: Duo Mobile can also be used to generate codes for your UAH Google account. Learn more about using Duo Mobile for Google 2-Step Verification.


To get started with Duo Mobile, please follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Duo devices page and click Add a Device > Duo Mobile
    • Is this your first time setting up Duo? Proceed through the prompts until prompted to select an Duo Mobile as your authentication method
  2. You will be first prompted to enter your phone number. By entering your phone number, you will automatically be set up to receive SMS passcodes and phone calls as backup verification methods. Enter your phone number and click Add phone number, then confirm the number you entered is correct
    • If your device doesn't have a phone number or you wish to set up your mobile device without your phone number, instead click I have a tablet
  3. If you haven't done so already, download the Duo Mobile app published by Duo Security LLC on your mobile device. Then, click Next
  4. You will be provided a QR code to scan in the Duo Mobile app
    • Don't have a way to scan the QR code? Click Get an activation link instead to send a link to your UAH email. On your mobile device, open the link in Duo Mobile and continue to step 6
  5. On your mobile device, open Duo. If this is your first time using Duo Mobile, click Continue > Use a QR Code and scan the code using your device's camera
    • If you're already using Duo Mobile for another account, tap Add near the top right of the screen to add a new account to your Duo Mobile app
  6. Enter an Account name of your choice, such as "UAH" or your Charger ID, then click Save
  7. Your account will be now listed on the Duo Mobile home screen
  8. In the browser opened to Duo, you will see a confirmation message that Duo Mobile was successfully added to your account

You will now be able to authenticate using Duo Push and Duo Mobile passcode.

Still Need Help?

If you need help completing these steps or experience an issue along the way, please contact the OIT Help Desk.

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