How to Manage Your Devices in Duo


Duo allows you to add, remove, and update the devices associated with your Duo account in the device management portal.

This web portal allows you to manage your devices, including:

  • Adding new devices
  • Removing old devices
  • Setting up Duo Mobile on a new phone
  • Adding alternate methods of authentication (such as Touch ID or Hardware Tokens)

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Steps to Access the Device Management Portal

Please follow the steps below to access the device management portal.

  1. On a computer, open a Private/Incognito tab in your browser. Learn how to open Private/Incognito tabs here.
  2. Navigate to
  3. You'll see the normal Duo prompt to log in. Don't complete the MFA request - instead, click Other options.
    screenshot of Duo prompt "Check for a Duo Push" screen
  4. On the Other options to log in screen, click Manage devices at the end of the list
    screenshot of the Duo Prompt "Other options to log in" screen
  5. You'll be prompted to verify your identity. Don't have access to any of the devices listed for authentication? Submit a Duo Service Request to let us know you need a bypass code.
    screenshot of the Duo prompt "Verify your identity before managing devices" screen
  6. After completing verification, you'll be redirected to the devices page.
    screenshot of the "You're verified" confirmation screen in Duo prompt

The device management portal displays all of the devices currently linked to your Duo Account.

screenshot of the duo devices page

Steps to Add a Device or Authentication Method

After navigating to the device management portal, follow the steps below to add a device to your Duo account.

  1. Click Add a device.
    screenshot of Duo's manage devices page
  2. Select the type of authentication method you want to add. As always, OIT recommends choosing Duo Mobile as your go-to authentication option. Learn how to set up Duo Mobile.
    screenshot of the Duo "Select an option" screen
  3. Complete the prompts to set up your new device.

Your new device will be displayed as a new card on the device management portal.

Steps to Remove a Device

After navigating to the device management portal, follow the steps below to add a device to your Duo account. You will only be able to remove a device if you have more than one device set up in Duo.

  1. Click the Edit next to the device you want to delete
  2. Click Delete

This device will be no longer be displayed on the device management portal.

Still Need Help?

If you need help completing these steps or experience an issue along the way, please contact the OIT Help Desk!

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