Glossary for Duo MFA


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Additional layers of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify the user’s identity for a login or other transaction. Learn more about MFA at UAH.

Two-Factor authentication (2FA)

2FA is a form of multi-factor authentication which requires you to present two types of authentication.

2FA utilizes something you know (your username and password) and something you have with you (such as Duo Mobile on your smartphone). This way, even if one of your two layers of security are compromised, the attacker is prevented from accessing your account.

Duo Security

UAH's service provider for MFA on Single Sign-On systems. It utilizes two-factor authentication to ensure secure access to UAH services and data. Get started with Duo.

Duo Universal Prompt

An interactive prompt where users select a method to verify their identity each time they log into a web-based application (such as “Duo Push” or “Call Me”). The Duo Universal Prompt allows you to enroll and authenticate.


Numeric codes that can be generated either via the Duo Mobile app, SMS (text message), or a hardware token. Passcodes may be used at any time and are particularly handy for authenticating when your 2FA device doesn't have internet or cellular service. The OIT Help Desk can provide Bypass Codes, which are similar.

Push Notification (Duo Push)

A push authentication request that is sent to the Duo Mobile App on an enrolled device. Push notifications include information like the geographical location of the access device, IP address of the access device, and the application being accessed so you can verify whether the push is real or fraudulent. Learn how to set up the Duo Mobile app

Device Management Portal

A part of the Duo Universal Prompt from which you can add additional devices or update authentication method settings. Learn how to access the device management portal.

Still Need Help?

If you have additional questions about Duo, please contact the OIT Help Desk.

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