How do I set up a new phone with Duo?

I got a new mobile phone to replace one I was using for Duo. How do I set it up to use Duo?

If your new mobile phone has the same number as your previous mobile phone and you were using the Duo Mobile app, follow the steps below to set up your new phone with Duo. 

If your new mobile phone does not use the same number as your previous mobile phone or you were not using Duo Mobile, follow the steps in the related article Add a Device for Multi-Factor Authentication

Replace Your Old Phone

  1. On your new mobile phone, download Duo Mobile by Duo Security
  2. On a computer, open a Private/Incognito tab in your browser. Learn how to open Private/Incognito tabs here
  3. Navigate to
  4. You'll see the normal Duo prompt to log in. Don't complete the MFA request - instead, click Other options
    screenshot of the "Check for a Duo Push" screen in Duo prompt
  5. On the Other options to log in screen, click Manage devices at the bottom
    screenshot of the "Other options to log in" screen in Duo prompt
  6. You'll be prompted to verify your identity. If you do not have access to the devices listed for verification, contact the OIT Help Desk to receive a bypass code. They will need to confirm your identity
    screenshot of the "Verify your identity before managing devices" screen in Duo prompt
  7. After completing verification, you'll automatically be redirected to the devices page. If you are not automatically redirected, you can also click devices page...
    screenshot of the "You're verified" confirmation message in Duo prompt
  8. Here you'll see a list of your devices, including your old mobile phone. On the card for your old mobile phone, click I have a new phone
    screenshot of the Duo Manage Devices page
  9. Click Get started
    screenshot of the "Let's set up your phone" screen in Duo
  10. You'll be prompted to download Duo Mobile on your new device. Since you already installed the app, click Next
    screenshot of the "Download Duo Mobile" screen in Duo
  11. You'll be shown a QR code. On your mobile phone, open Duo Mobile. If this is your first time using the Duo Mobile app, you'll be greeted by a welcome screen. Select Continue, then Use a QR code. If you are not shown the welcome screen, simply press + Add near the top-right of the screen
    screenshot of the Duo Mobile welcome screen    screenshot of the Duo Mobile "Add your account" screen
  12. Allow access to your device's camera if necessary, then use it to scan the QR code displayed on your computer screen. You can set the Account name to a name of your choice, then press Save
    screenshot of the Duo Mobile account details screen
  13. You will receive a success message confirming that you've successfully added Duo Mobile. Click Continue
    screenshot of the Duo "Added Duo Mobile" confirmation screen
  14. Done! You've successfully reactivated Duo Mobile on your new mobile phone

Other Resources

See this OIT article called Duo - Adding a Device

See this Duo article about Adding a new device, which covers reactivating Duo Mobile and more.

Still having trouble?

Contact the OIT Help Desk by emailing or calling 256-824-3333.


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