Getting Started for Students

Welcome to the University of Alabama in Huntsville!

As a UAH student, you have access to a variety of university resources to assist you throughout your academic career.

Follow the checklist below to ensure you’re set up for success.

1. Learn About Your Campus IDs

In your acceptance letter, you are provided your two Campus IDs: your Charger ID and your A-number. Learn more about these IDs and when you’ll use them.

2. Access myUAH and Your UAH Email

2.1 Set Your Password

After receiving your acceptance letter, visit and follow the prompts to set your account password. This is the password you’ll use to log into both myUAH and your UAH email.

Remember! UAH passwords expire every 180 days. You’ll receive email notifications when your deadline is approaching.

2.2 Log in to myUAH & Set Up Duo Security

Log into myUAH at using your Charger ID and password.

The first time you log in, you’ll be prompted to set up Duo 2-Factor Authentication. This multi-factor authentication service provides an additional layer of security for your account. Learn how to get started with Duo.

2.3 Update Your Information & Security Questions

After logging in to myUAH, update your contact information and add security questions. This will set you up for success the next time you need to reset your password.

Learn how to update your contact information.

Learn how to update your security questions.

2.4 Log in to Your UAH Email

Log into your UAH Email account at using your full email address ( and password.

2.5 Set Up Google 2-Step Verification

Similar to Duo, Google 2-Step Verification provides an additional layer of security for your account. This is required for all students. Learn how to get started with Google 2-Step Verification.

2.6 Add Your Recovery Information to Google

Adding recovery information to your Google account sets you up for success in case you ever can’t sign in. Learn how to set up a recovery phone number or email address in your UAH Email account.

3. Connect to UAH internet

Once you arrive to campus, connect to the campus internet using eduroam, the campus-wide Wi-Fi service. Learn more about accessing UAH Wi-Fi.

On-campus students can also connect to the wired network. Learn more about accessing UAH's wired network.

4. Prepare for Classes

4.1 Computer and Hardware

Are you considering purchasing a new computer or upgrading your current hardware? Check out our FAQ for recommendations.

4.2 Chargerware

Chargerware is UAH's online software repository. In addition to free software, users can find helpful links to commonly used campus resources and helpful online tools. Login to the system using your UAH Google account to see what resources are available to you. 

4.3 Learn About Google Workspace

Google Workspace is used for your official UAH email account. UAH students are provided with a Gmail account and also have access to other useful applications, such as Calendar and Drive.

To browse the applications linked to your Google Workspace account, log in with your full email address at and click the Google Apps icon (9 dots in a square) near the top right of your screen next to your profile picture.

4.4 Learn About Canvas and Other Learning Technologies

Canvas is a tool used by many professors to administer quizzes, assign homework, and communicate with students. To access your Canvas account, sign in with your Charger ID and password at

To learn more about Canvas and other learning technologies used at Canvas, visit the Enhanced Teaching & Learning Center (ETLC)’s Student Resources page.

5. Review UAH Technology Policies

Get to know the UAH Information Technology policies and procedures.

6. Get Help

Need help with a technological problem? Contact the OIT Help Desk!

Visit us in person at the Salmon Library, email us at, or call us at 256-824-3333. Learn more about all the ways you can get in contact with us.

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