Services A-Z (85)

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Account Support/Assistance

Need to request a new account or account changes?

Account/Application Breach

Issue with account or application breach?

Account/Login Issue

Issue signing into any UAH service or computer (may need password reset help)?

Activation/Account Changes

Need assistance regarding activation or account changes regarding an account?

Active Directory Request

Need account, device, policy, or other changes regarding the campus Active Directory domain?

Analog Phone Line

Antivirus (McAfee/ePO)

Need assistance with McAfee antivirus software?


Need assistance using Argos, a Banner add-on reporting tool?


Banner - INB

Need assistance with Banner 9?

Banner - SSB

Need assistance with Self-Service Banner?


Need assistance with BDM/Xtender?


Canvas Issue

Need to report a Canvas issue?

Canvas Support/Assistance

Need assistance with or training on how to use Canvas?

Charger Prints Kiosk

Need assistance with a Charger Prints kiosk?


Need assistance using Chargerware?

Classroom Tech Assistance

Need assistance or training regarding the use of classroom technology?

Classroom Tech Issue

Is any of the technology broken or not working in a classroom?

Classroom Tech Maintenance

Any technology in a classroom that need to be replaced? Projector dim? Screen off-center?


Need assistance with TurningTechnology Clickers?

Code42 for Enterprise (formerly known as CrashPlan)

Need assistance using this desktop backup service?

Conference Calling

Do you need assistance with UAH's teleconferencing/videoconferencing solution, Zoom?

Credit Card Service

Request a phone line for traffic related to credit card transactions.


Desktop Hardware Issue

Experiencing an issue with your workstation?

Desktop Software Issue

Experiencing an issue with software used on your workstation?

Duo (2FA/MFA)

Need assistance with Duo/two-factor authentication?


Email Client

Need assistance with your email client, such as Outlook?

Entity Accounts and Google Groups

Are you looking for additional collaborative options within G Suite?

Event Wi-Fi Access

Need Wi-Fi access for attendees of an upcoming campus event?



Faculty180 is a tool designed to organize and report on teaching, research, and service activities

Fax via Email

Send and receive faxes using standard email messages.

File Share

Need a change to or additional Network Drive/central file sharing services?


Google 2 Factor Verification

Need assistance setting up or using two-factor authentication/verification to account your UAH email account?

Guest Network Access

Need UAH network access for a campus visitor?


InCommon Signature Client Certificate

This form is used to request a InCommon Signature Client Certificate. Once the form is completed, a ticket will be created and a certificate administrator will initiate the creation process. Once the process is initiated, you will receive and email with a link to create the certificate.


Need assistance with services or devices hosted in the Data Center?


Issue with your email, calendar, or other G Suite app?



Cisco Jabber lets you use your smartphone or PC to complement or replace your UAH tabletop phone.


Lecture Capture

Need assistance with Panopto for Lecture Capture?

Locate Cable

Need a buried phone or network cable marked in anticipation of on-campus digging?


Major Service Interruption

Need to report a widespread OIT service outage?

Meeting and Event Support

Do you need technical support for your event?


Need assistance with myUAH?


Name/Address Service (DNS)

Need a change or addition to DNS listings?

Network Access Request Form

Need to connect a device to the UAH network? Faculty and Staff should complete the Network Access Request Form for each device to be registered on the UAH wired network. If you have multiple devices to be registered, updated, or moved, feel free to attach a spreadsheet that contains the values requested on this form.

Network Drop Installation

Need a network drop to be installed in a UAH building?

New Computer Setup

Need configuration of a laptop or desktop computer?

Non-OIT Assistance

Need help with something that may not be IT-related?


Office Moves

OIT coordinates the telephone transfer and network connectivity change only.

OIT User Services Portal

Read about the features of the OIT Portal.


Need assistance with services or devices hosted in the Data Center?


Other Network Service

Need a network service not listed specifically?

Other Services

Need a learning technology service not listed specifically?



Need assistance with


Need assistance with your scanner, printer, or other peripheral device?

Phishing or Spam

Issue with spam or phishing email?

Policy Violation

Need assistance with a device off the network due to policy violation?

Pre-purchase consultation

Need advice from OIT regarding the purchase of a new laptop or desktop computer?



Quality Education Practices Online (QEPO) comprises best practices in course technology, design and layout, content and activity development, and course interaction.


Need assistance with Qualtrics, a survey building and management tool?



This is for tasks, requests, questions, problems, etc. related to the Research Computing Environment.

Relocate Device

Need a laptop or desktop computer to be moved (to a different office/department or to surplus)?

Remote Access - Request

Need access to UAH's Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Remote Access - Support/Assistance

Need assistance remotely connectng to UAH's network for Network Folders or Remote Desktop?

Residence Hall Telephone

A telephone is available at no additional cost to residents.

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Need assistance with Respondus Lockdown Browser?


Security Request

Need assistance from cybersecurity personnel in OIT?

Software Installation/Upgrade

Need installation of software on a laptop or desktop computer?

SSL Certificate

Need a change or addition to security certificates?


Need assistance with your email, calendar, or other G Suite app?


Tabletop Phone

Need assistance with your office phone?

Tell OIT

Have other IT-related questions or concerns you can share with us?


Need training on how to use Google's suite of applications?


Need assistance with Turnitin, a plagiarism-prevention service?


UAH ResNet Policy

What are the policies for using the networks on campus?

UAH Website

Need assistance with UAH web site?


Need assistance with UAlert?



Need help removing virus or malware from your workstation?


Need assistance with voicemail?


Website troubleshooting

If you're having problems with the Charger Healthcheck site or any other website that isn't on the domain, then we can help. Just let us what website it is, what web browser you're using, and what the problem is.

What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Read more information about UAH's Single Sign-On.

Wi-Fi Assistance/Support

Need assistance connecting to UAH's Wi-Fi network?

Wi-Fi Issue

Experiencing performance or other issues with UAH's Wi-Fi network?

Wired Network Issue

Experiencing a wired network connectivity issue on campus? Is there a problem in your office or residence hall?


Xfinity On Campus

UAH students who live on campus have access to Xfinity On Campus. This is a service coordinated through UAH Office of Housing and Residence Life. The only aspect that OIT supports is the login process because access is authenticated by using the resident's Charger ID and password.